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January // FR vs 6Max
  Graisseux, Jan 31 2009

January was very good to me. Finally well started at NL25 and looking forward. Milkman convinced me to switch to FTP for rakeback in his video, so I'm gonna do that soon.

November and December had been shit.
I had grinded 150$ at NL10 before losing it in 1k hands at NL25 in November, then I grinded it back just to lose half of it in 160 hands giving a second shot at NL25.

I needed a change so I gave a try on FR tables and it worked well. I found out that FR is like 0 variance and anti-tilt since it's super smooth. Fishes are much more obvious and fishy at NL25 than at NL10 imo, but since going up from NL10 to NL25 is soooooooo tilty when you get unlucky because it's 2.5x buy-in and the average player goes from super nit @ NL10 to superspewmonkeytilt @ NL25, I think it's better to get used to them at FR for a couple thousand hands before switching to 6max where you can abuse them so much.

Also I watched Myth's video and everything he said about abusing fishes (and showing how to loosen up against them to do so, isolate, etc.) has helped me alot. Milkman's was really good too. Now I realize how value betting stations at NL10 is boring.

Anyway, here are the stats for january.

P.S.: My pf raise is now about 5% apart from my VPIP because I call more often than before since there are more spew monkeys. Does that seem correct ?

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NL10 Done
  Graisseux, Jan 28 2009

After (too) much work, I'm done with NL10 and after the 3rd try, NL25 is treating me well at last.

NL10 overall graph

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Compaq laptops
  Graisseux, Nov 10 2008

No buy. Even if it's cheap. Mine was only 1 year old before the wireless (wtf? you say) stopped working. It took them 2.5 weeks to change the motherboard, and university without a computer is asking for trouble.

At least now it's back and everything (including shipping) was free thanks to Staples' great warranty.

Anyway, here is the october-half-november graph ! Still grinding and hopefully will get to NL25 in about 1-2 weeks:

BTW I bought a 24" screen, it's so great and now I can 6 tables instead of 4 and still being more concentrated than before.

24" of love. Gf says it's throwing money out of the window but w/e

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